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It Is Better to Download YouTube Playlist

YouTube provides many useful videos that we can download with YouTube playlist downloader and store them on your mobile phone, smartphone, USB Flashdisk, memory card or PC to play offline so do not need internet connection to watch or listen to them. This will definitely be fun because you can enjoy all the videos without worrying about being disturbed by others.

There is a Playlist feature In YouTube that contains many collections of videos that can be directly watched in sequence. Well this playlist will be downloaded so we do not do it one by one, but with once enter the URL Playlist YouTube to download all the contents of the collection of the video. My advice, to save storage space in a mobile phone or USB flash memory then YouTube video files are downloaded should be stored in the form of MP3 (audio file) so that memory is not full fast. But if you can still download the file in the form of video then make sure your phone or PC have MP4 player application.

How to download YouTube playlist? To download YouTube playlist we need to do 2 important preparations. First download YouTube playlist downloader software and secondly, find out the URL or YouTube Playlist address that will be downloaded.

So, How to download YouTube playlist and converting them to MP3:

  1. Download software of YouTube playlist downloader at
  2. Install the Video Downloader file and run it.
  3.  Next, set the folder or place to save the downloaded file. Usually we click the button image gear (Settings) on the top left.
  4. Choose a folder inside the computer as a place to save the downloaded file. Then click OK button.
  5. Next is to search for a YouTube video playlist to download. For example, I want to find a collection of football game reviews of Chelsea, and then go to
  6. In the search field type: Chelsea, and click the magnifying glass image button on its right (Search button).
  7. Since we will search for Playlists only, then click the Filters button, then click Playlist, then the search result will only bring up the YouTube Video Playlist.
  8. Choose the desired playlist; please open the playlist one by one. Find the number of videos and the duration of each video long enough, Click on the Playlist title you want.
  9. Then, in the address bar column of the Internet browser that contains the address / URL Playlist, do Copy (block the URL and click the CTRL + C key simultaneously) and paste it to the search bar of the YouTube downloader you downloaded earlier.
  10. Automatically opens the download page of the downloader that already contains the playlist URL data.
  11. In the selection menu of the downloaded file to be saved, click on the menu labeled: MP4 then select MP3 and Click the Download button.
  12. And this software starts downloading all YouTube Video Playlist files. You can do other activities while waiting to finish downloading all the files.


All downloads in the form of MP3 files ready to be transferred to mobile phone, USB Flashdisk, memory card for playing on any gadget. Make sure your internet connection is great for doing the whole process of convert YouTube playlist to mp3.

Great Tutorials for Big Data

There Many changes that have occurred follow the development of trends in the world, especially in the field of technology, something we never imagined now can be real and common. New technology has been created every day around the world but many technologies do not last long because it can not function optimally to meet human needs. One technology that is still needed by humans is the hadoop, Hadoop is the most advanced technology today many changes that occur but the hadoop persisted. What exactly hadoop? Hadoop is a technology created related to industry of databases.

The database industry has grown rapidly and is needed by large companies engaged in data management. Hadoop Tutorials may be able to help employees of data-driven companies perform data processing at home. Companies that used to be small now become big companies will have more difficulty managing their data that getting bigger so the company have to cooperate with other company which specially handle database, by using Hadoop Tutorial you do not need to contract that company.

Hadoop’s advantages are easy to use so it does not require any special training or programming skills. Everyone can access Hadoop by online. Large data can be processed easily as we use simpler tools such as mobile phones or calculators. You just need to take the time to study Hadoop Tutorial seriously, trying to understand the steps provided. The data processing solution using Hadoop is the most realistic and effective way today. You will not lose if using Hadoop to manage big database because the technology offered can help you to solve many problems that arise in the context of huge data flows. Hadoop technology facilitate the flow of controlled data along with the best technique for storing large amount of data that is being used in our daily life or in your company.

Another interesting feature provided by Hadoop is its ability to facilitate the massive processing of data from a collection of computers. Hadoop also has the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and effectively. Another best feature that Hadoop has is that the resulting analysis and processing data is very small even near perfect.

Many large companies have anticipated the data difficulties they will face. They facilitate companies with internet connection with individual Youtube channels to learn Hadoop Tutorial.

If you are not able to learn Hadoop tutorial yourself, maybe because of busyness or ability to understand then the solution is to follow Hadoop training. In the training you will be given several different modules. Hadoop training and courses can also be followed online, you will get a thorough theory. In order to easily learn Hadoop modules, then you should be used to facing huge data, have knowledge about HDFS and MapReduce Framework and having an ability of do analytics data.

Look for easy Hadoop Tutorials to understand and prioritize teaching theory and practice. This is required for to do to better understand the use and construction of custom map and reduce functions in various programming languages.