It Is Better to Download YouTube Playlist

YouTube provides many useful videos that we can download with YouTube playlist downloader and store them on your mobile phone, smartphone, USB Flashdisk, memory card or PC to play offline so do not need internet connection to watch or listen to them. This will definitely be fun because you can enjoy all the videos without worrying about being disturbed by others.

There is a Playlist feature In YouTube that contains many collections of videos that can be directly watched in sequence. Well this playlist will be downloaded so we do not do it one by one, but with once enter the URL Playlist YouTube to download all the contents of the collection of the video. My advice, to save storage space in a mobile phone or USB flash memory then YouTube video files are downloaded should be stored in the form of MP3 (audio file) so that memory is not full fast. But if you can still download the file in the form of video then make sure your phone or PC have MP4 player application.

How to download YouTube playlist? To download YouTube playlist we need to do 2 important preparations. First download YouTube playlist downloader software and secondly, find out the URL or YouTube Playlist address that will be downloaded.

So, How to download YouTube playlist and converting them to MP3:

  1. Download software of YouTube playlist downloader at
  2. Install the Video Downloader file and run it.
  3.  Next, set the folder or place to save the downloaded file. Usually we click the button image gear (Settings) on the top left.
  4. Choose a folder inside the computer as a place to save the downloaded file. Then click OK button.
  5. Next is to search for a YouTube video playlist to download. For example, I want to find a collection of football game reviews of Chelsea, and then go to
  6. In the search field type: Chelsea, and click the magnifying glass image button on its right (Search button).
  7. Since we will search for Playlists only, then click the Filters button, then click Playlist, then the search result will only bring up the YouTube Video Playlist.
  8. Choose the desired playlist; please open the playlist one by one. Find the number of videos and the duration of each video long enough, Click on the Playlist title you want.
  9. Then, in the address bar column of the Internet browser that contains the address / URL Playlist, do Copy (block the URL and click the CTRL + C key simultaneously) and paste it to the search bar of the YouTube downloader you downloaded earlier.
  10. Automatically opens the download page of the downloader that already contains the playlist URL data.
  11. In the selection menu of the downloaded file to be saved, click on the menu labeled: MP4 then select MP3 and Click the Download button.
  12. And this software starts downloading all YouTube Video Playlist files. You can do other activities while waiting to finish downloading all the files.


All downloads in the form of MP3 files ready to be transferred to mobile phone, USB Flashdisk, memory card for playing on any gadget. Make sure your internet connection is great for doing the whole process of convert YouTube playlist to mp3.